Nova - 30ml Tobacco and Leather Roll-on Perfume

Nova - 30ml Tobacco and Leather Roll-on Perfume


Are you daunted by the multitude of scents when you look for the right perfume? So are we. As a result, we created our Nova fragrance. Our 30ml tobacco and leather perfume provides the perfect blend of tobacco notes, leather and hints of lilac to give you a bright and novel smell that evokes familiar memories. Emerge from the masses with our perfume today.


Smell Great With Our 30ml Tobacco and Leather Roll-on Perfume


We use a coconut oil base for our perfume that blends rice bran oil, which has long been used in Asian skincare for its hydrating and anti-aging qualities. You can enjoy the benefits of hemp, such as stress relief and relaxation while basking in this gender neutral scent.


Modeun was created for the innovative, creatives, the individualists who crave a daring, yet elegant fragrance. We’ve created our sustainable, gender-neutral, and all-inclusive products to help you feel authentic. Purchase your own perfume today.


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